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We call the car we won ‘Roxie’ and people ask, “What’s Roxie up to this week?” Roxie has a busier schedule than I do! She goes to community events and out with our top loan producers to customers and prospects.
It is an incredible USP that gives us the right to tell the story of what makes us special–which is especially helpful in a market where our competitors are being bought out.

It generated tons of questions: “How did you win it?” “Who gave it?” “What does it mean?” That gave us the opportunity to talk about the company and vision, and how building the culture helped us do that.

They love that we got a car and won a donation to build a school in Africa.

They’re just in awe of how we won it. It’s been fun at customer meetings and customer functions and is always a big topic of conversation. The response is always, “Wow, you guys must be really good!” It’s so fun.

– P. Steele, CEO, First Volunteer Bank, Winner 2014 Extraordinary Bank of the Year

It’s based on becoming a better human and creating an awesome work environment.

—D. Castle, Senior Vice President, Lincoln Savings Bank

Very motivational; you walk away thinking this is the type of person I want to be.

—J. Brittingham, Operations, Macon Atlanta State Bank