Our Vision

A Message from Roxanne Emmerich, Founder and Chair of The Institute for Extraordinary Banking™.

Let me tell you how the Banky™ Awards came to be…A few years ago, I was in my office talking with a brilliant friend who is a prominent consultant to the top technology CEOs in the nation. He went on and on asking how I could possibly work with bankers. How bankers had ruined our economy and our country in the crisis of 2007 and 2008. He didn’t understand how or why I would build a company to help “those people”…people like you…and me.


I got angry!

Because I know that banking is made up of fundamentally good people working in one of the most difficult environments in business, with little thanks and lots of venom thrown at them.

I realized that my friend was not alone in his opinion of our industry as I saw Gallop’s research showing bankers ranking as one of the least respected professions.

So I decided that someone had to do something to change the image of bankers, who I knew to be some of the most reputable, kind, and giving people I knew. It just wasn’t right that…the individuals and the banks were receiving the unjust press and the financial fall out from it.

I called my husband that night, with tears in my eyes, and said…

“You know how when we go to the movies and we are so moved when somebody does something that nobody else is willing to do—just because it had to be done. And they sacrifice so much and take a few bullets to make it happen. Well, we need to be that somebody because something has to be done and I can’t think of anyone else who can make this happen so we’re going to need to invest a ton of our own money to make it happen.”

He said, as any perfect husband would say, “Well, it sounds like you need to do this.”


I had a plan…

The way I would change people’s opinions was simple…I would find and shine a bright light on the good work that people like YOU do every day.

  • You are the backbone of our economy.
  • You are the backbone of our communities.
  • You support small businesses.
  • You support schools.
  • You support charities.

Your local communities simply wouldn’t work without you. I decided to create the Extraordinary Banking Awards—the Banky Awards—to celebrate and spotlight all the good you do.

The Institute's Advisory Board

The Institute’s Advisory Board is a “who’s who” of modern American business leadership. Each member is passionate about the vital role community banking plays in our economy and to the financial stability of America. The board members are:
  • a-1

    Stephen M.R. Covey

    New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Speed of Trust
  • a-2

    Anita G. Newcomb

    President and Founder, AG Newcomb & Co. and Board Member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
  • a-3

    Bob Danzig

    Former CEO of the Hearst Newspaper Group
  • a-4

    Jack Canfield

    Speaker, author and co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series
  • a-5

    Brian Tracy

    Author, consultant and Chairman of Brian Tracy International
  • a-6

    Jeffrey W. Hayzlett

    The Hayzlett Group, former Chief Marketing Officer and Founder of The C-Suite Network
I am grateful for their support and guidance and their recognition of the value YOU bring to our communities.